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Water Usage Figures in AustraliHouseholds – The Figures May Surprise You

24th August 2015
By Aaron Pace

People are often very surprised when we let them know how much water is passively used each day in Australian households. Are you aware of how much you are using, let alone how much you can actually save by utilising a water tank?

See the figures below; chances are you will be shocked:


Toilet flush (single flush cistern)

10-12 litres


100 litres

Shower (10 minutes)

200 litres

Dishwasher load

50 litres

Washing machine load

150 litres

Brushing teeth with tap running

5 litres

Drinking, cooking, and cleaning

10 litres (per person, per day)

Hand basin per use

3-5 litres

Garden sprinkler per hour

1000 litres

Garden dripper per hour

4 litres

Car Washing with hose

200 litres

Hosing driveway

100 litres

Total daily consumption per household

800-900 litres


When it comes to water consumption per capita, Australia is one of biggest consumers on Earth, and sadly we are also among the most wasteful.

A water tank from Poly Water Tanks is a perfect solution to combating this growing issue, while still maintaining the lifestyle you love. We make the process simple, effective and you will never look back. 

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