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Water Tank Types: The Differences and Benefits

21st September 2015
By Aaron Pace

Aussies have grown accustomed to the iconic imagery that is a traditional corrugated iron, rusted cylindrical water tank. While there are modern versions of these, technology has certainly come a long way in the field and these days, we have a lot more options when choosing the right tank for our needs.

Poly Water Tanks specialises in durable, quality polyethylene tanks. This material is far superior to many others, providing excellent longevity and performance. We have never had one of our tanks split of burst. Ever.

See below for a chart of the common types we supply and how they differ, including benefits of each:




Round Tanks

These are the most common choice for households, providing small to very large harvesting capacity while blending in nicely with the home and landscape.

Durable, available in a range of colours, built to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

Slimline Tanks

Built to accommodate customers with a smaller area to work with for an installation, and as such cannot host a round tank.

Just as durable, yet can be installed into a narrow space. Modular design allows different capacities to suit varying households.

Rectangle Tanks

These are the perfect under-house or deck solution for households with minimal space.

Allows a viable catchment option for those with limited space.

Eco Slimline Tanks

Much the same as our slimline tank range, but a little easier on your pocket.

Great for tighter spaces and side-of-house installations.

Underground Tanks

Completely hidden from view! If space is an issue or keeping the current aesthetic is important to you, this is the “out of sight, out of mind” eco solution.

“The Nugget” is powerful, durable with a capacity of up to 5000L. Need more capacity? Their innovative design allows linking with additional tanks.



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