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Not All Tanks are Created Equal: Four Reasons You Should Be Wary of Cheap Tanks!

26th October 2015
By Aaron Pace

No-one likes spending more money than they have to, but when it comes to water tanks sometimes you get what you pay for, and the cheapest option could cost you big time in the long run.

Why should you be wary of the cheapest, nastiest water tank? Read more:                                              

  1. Check the warranty conditions; some may be short, impossible to claim on or come with none at all!

Poly Water Tanks offers a generous ten-year warranty, and while most companies will offer a warranty of some description, you are best to check exactly what it covers and for how long, or you could be in a world of frustration if something goes wrong.

  1. Cheap materials won’t stand the test of time.

Tanks made from cheap materials with plastic fittings simply do not hold up in Australian heat, and you could be forever replacing parts or end up with a burst tank. Poly Water Tanks uses full brass outlets and fittings.

  1. If it is not certified to the Australian standard, it has not been tested and approved under the conditions it will have to face.

Poly Water Tanks products are certified to the Australian AS/NZS 4766:2006 Standard. We’ve not only stood the test of time, our products have passed tests ensuring they are built for Australian conditions. If the tank you are buying has not undertaken this stringent process, you cannot be sure it will hold up.

  1. Your water could taste funny, but you won’t be laughing!

Our tanks are made with UV-stabilized food grade materials, with no negative impact on the taste and smell of the water. If the cheap tank you’re looking at isn’t using similar, you could end up with nasty “plasticky”-tasting water or worse.


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