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Poly Water Tank News & Articles

The Poly Water Tanks Process: Why Buying from Us is Simple and Effective - 21st December 2015
If you have decided to buy a new water tank, you might be a little overwhelmed by the impending process. With Poly Water Tanks, it really doesn’t have to end up in the “too hard basket”. We are always here to help, and we break the process down in just a few easy steps.
Top 10 Water-Saving Tips for the Aussie Household - 23rd November 2015
Of course, a water tank is going to help you save on the water bill, but why not work to make it go further and take some pressure off the environment? These water-saving tips can be put to use easily, with little impact on your lifestyle:
Not All Tanks are Created Equal: Four Reasons You Should Be Wary of Cheap Tanks! - 26th October 2015
No-one likes spending more money than they have to, but when it comes to water tanks sometimes you get what you pay for, and the cheapest option could cost you big time in the long run.
Water Tank Types: The Differences and Benefits - 21st September 2015
Aussies have grown accustomed to the iconic imagery that is a traditional corrugated iron, rusted cylindrical water tank. While there are modern versions of these, technology has certainly come a long way in the field and these days, we have a lot more options when choosing the right tank for our needs.
Water Usage Figures in AustraliHouseholds – The Figures May Surprise You - 24th August 2015
People are often very surprised when we let them know how much water is passively used each day in Australian households. Are you aware of how much you are using, let alone how much you can actually save by utilising a water tank?
Why Do People Use Water Tanks? Frequently Asked Questions. - 27th July 2015
We get a wide range of questions from keen customers looking to install a tank on their property. These are some of the more common questions people seek an answer to before committing to a purchase:
How to Harvest Your Own Rainwater Today - 2nd June 2015
If you have stumbled upon this site and clicked here to find out what the heck we’re talking about, then this is the article designed to get you right up to speed with the benefits of capturing your own rainwater.
Five Ways Water Tanks Can Help You Save - 4th May 2015
Water tanks are not just helpful to the environment; they can really have a positive impact on your household or business.
The Ultimate Water Tank Maintenance Checklist - 16th April 2015
If you’ve got your very own Poly Water Tank setup, you’re going to want to ensure it remains at its best over its lifetime. This requires some simple, yet vital maintenance. A healthy tank requires your attention, especially if you are using it as a source of drinking water. Below is a concise, helpful guide on what you can do to ensure beautiful, clean water and a tank that will stand the test of time:
Five Reasons to Buy From Poly Water Tanks - 9th March 2015
The rumours are true; we are not the only water tank company out there, but we are among the best. We’ll give you five reasons to buy from Poly Water Tanks – after all, it pays to do your homework!

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