Water Tanks For Sale

Direct to Public & Trade

Polly Water Tanks offers their full range of water tanks and accessories for sale direct to the public and to trades alike.

Our direct sale model means that we offer solutions to meet your exact requirements and without the added costs of distributors or retail stockists.

Whatever your liquid types or capacity requirements, our experienced team will work with you to find a solution and our direct sale model ensures that you get your tank as fast as possible and at the best possible price.

We manufacture all of our tanks in-house at our Fountaindale factory and as we manufacture and sell direct, we can also offer a wide range of customisations including a range of colours, outlet options, strainers and pump options.

As our processes are fully in house; from design, to manufacture and delivery, we're able to closely monitor and uphold the highest levels of quality & confidently offer a full non-reducing 10 year warranty.

We listen carefully to your requirements and with nearly 20 years of experience we have the knowledge & skills to design solutions to fit your exact specifications.

Are you looking to store something other than water? No problem - our tanks can be designed designed to store fluids with Specific Gravity (SG) up to SG2. Furthermore we can also offer larger fittings to support higher rates of inflow and outflow of liquids.

Do you need large capacity? Again that's no problem! High capacity storage can be accommodated by plumbing multiple larger tanks together.

Browse our range of tanks or contact us today to discuss your industrial water tank requirements or simply click on the 'request a quote' button on any of our water tank or accessories to request a quote for your exact requirements.


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