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Why buy from Poly Water Tanks?

Our Reputation

We have an established strong reputation in the water tank business for producing strong, high quality tanks and providing great customer service with free on-time delivery.

Our wholesale customers prefer our tanks over our competitor’s products for their strength and quality. Likewise, our retail customers often comment on the over-and-above service they’ve received from our delivery drivers and office staff.

We're Certified

The tank industry has a bad reputation for tank failures due to manufacturers producing uncertified water tanks. Our compliance to AS/NZS 4766 and continued certification, coupled with our commitment to producing tanks that measure above the Australian Standard for design, thickness and quality testing contributes to our record for never having one of our tanks burst or split in our 19-year history.

It also means that our tanks are safe for the storage of your precious drinking water.

Wide Range of Water Tanks & Accessories

Our tank range includes slimline water tanks, larger round tanks, rectangular under-deck tanks and underground tanks ranging from 500L to 25,000L with a wide array of shapes to fit your situation.

We also have an aquaponics and feed trough range and can supply you with accessories such as pumps and gauges to suit your requirements.

Fast, On-time Delivery

Poly Water Tanks is a small family owned business, which means that we can get the job done without lots of red tape. And for our customers, this translates into quick production and delivery time frames. Don’t wait 6 weeks for your tank – over 80% of our tanks are delivered within 2 weeks of an order being confirmed.

We deliver our water tanks to directly to your door throughout New South Wales, ACT, Victoria and South East Queensland.

Budget Friendly

Our water tanks are priced to suit all budgets. No matter your price range, we have a water tank product that will fit the needs of your application without breaking the bank.

Polyethylene Tanks

Tanks made from UV-protected food safe polyethylene manufactured in one piece with no seams are affordable, strong, lightweight, will not rust or corrode, are very low maintenance, very easy to transport and install and are cost effective compared to other options such as galvanized steel.

They can also be matched to a wide range of Colorbond® colours, adding style to your home while saving water.

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