At Poly Water Tanks, our mission is to produce strong, superior quality water tanks with free, on-time delivery, and that mission statement is evident in our warranty. We offer a 15-year non-reducing warranty on our water tanks - we cover the full value of your tank and do not reduce the amount you can claim for each year the tank has aged. We challenge you to research our competitor’s warranty conditions for yourself.

Of course, our warranty is also subject to conditions, which are detailed below.


Poly Water Tanks 15 Year Fix or Replace Warranty


    1. Poly Water Tanks Pty Ltd ABN 84 645 819 272 (manufacturer) guarantees under the terms of this warranty to either repair or replace (at our option) any defect or fault in our water tanks caused by our manufacturing process for a period of 15 years from the date of purchase.
    2. This warranty covers any defect, failure or deterioration in the polyethylene tank which has been caused in the manufacturing process.
    3. Poly Water Tanks provides this warranty to the original purchaser only and it is not transferable
    4. This warranty apples to rainwater tanks manufactured by Poly Water Tanks for household use. It DOES NOT cover stock troughs, aquaponics tanks, chemical tanks, or tanks used for industrial purposes. Our separate warranty for industrial use tanks can be obtained from Poly Water Tanks directly.
    5. This warranty does not apply to brass fittings and their rubber gaskets, PVC overflows, strainers or any other fittings applied to the tank. It also does not cover pumps, which are covered separately by the manufacturer.


    1. You must identify and notify any defect or fault for which you intend to make a claim to Poly Water Tanks within the duration of the warranty period.
    2. Poly Water tanks must be notified in writing within seven (7) days of identifying the defect or fault to our currently listed address on our website at
    3. The notification must include a copy of the original invoice covering the purchase of your tank from Poly Water Tanks.
    4. You must allow Poly Water Tanks to inspect the tank within 28 days of the notification.
    5. You are responsible for any associated costs such as removal, installation, labour, fittings, tank base, pumps and transport or any other costs not directly related to the repair or replacement of the warranted tank.


This warranty does not cover any defect, failure or deterioration in the polyethylene tank where any one or more of the following is a substantial contributing cause of such defect, failure or deterioration:

    1. It is not properly secured by the purchaser on delivery
    2. The purchaser does not properly prepare the tank site as described in the installation instructions provided with the tank on delivery
    3. Damage is caused resulting from a modification to the tank not authorised in writing by the manufacturer
    4. The tank is moved from its original site
    5. Fittings are attached by other than the manufacturer
    6. The manufacturer is not notified of any defect or fault within 7 days of it occurring
    7. The manufacturer is not given the opportunity to inspect the tank within twenty-eight days of such notification
    8. Malicious damage or negligent use of the tank or its fittings
    9. Abnormal external influences including but not limited to mechanical abrasion, falling objects, explosion, fire, acts of war, harmful gasses or fumes, chemicals or foreign substances
    10. The tank is used for any other reason that is in contravention to its original manufactured purpose
    11. It does not apply to the tank colour which may in time fade or change. The Guarantee also does not apply to polyethylene degradation from natural elements such as sun, wind, rain or ice
    12. Damage is caused by a temporary or sustained load being applied to the top of the tank including someone walking on the top of the tank
    13. The site on which the tank is installed is inadequate or incorrectly prepared in contradiction of the installation instructions provided with the tank on delivery
    14. The base on which the tank is installed is unsound, erodes, is not properly maintained or is subject to modifications not authorised by Poly Water Tanks  
    15. The defect is caused by modifications or repairs to the tank or fittings made after delivery that are not suited for purpose and cause structural degradation of the tank


    1. You are entitled to additional rights and remedies contained in legislation including the Australian Consumer Law, over and above this warranty. These cannot be excluded, restricted or modified. This warranty must be read subject to that legislation and nothing in this warranty has the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying those rights
    2. Under these other legislations, you are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonable foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.