Tanks & Grow Beds for Aquaponics

Try Your Hand at Aquaponics
Now you can set up your very own aquaponics system with the help of Poly Water Tanks tanks & grow beds.
We won't sell you an expensive all-in-one kit with marked-up prices. Instead, we can provide you with affordable tanks and durable grow beds and fish tanks directly from us, the manufacturer.
What Is Aquaponics?
Aquaponics is the highly acclaimed process of growing fish and plants in a single integrated system. The process involves pumping water from a fish tank into a grow bed of vegetables, flowers or other plants. Nutrients from the fish waste will therefore naturally feed the plant roots. In addition, as the plants utilise the highly nutritious fish waste, their roots naturally filter the remaining water which is then recirculated back into the fish tank.
This process provides plants with great nutrition and fish with clean water. Your plants will also grow up to four times faster with this technique than using more traditional growing methods. Aquaponics is a sustainable, low-maintenance process. It can suit everything from backyards, schools to larger-scale production like farming.
Why Use Our Services?
Poly Water Tanks is a family-owned business producing high-quality tank products.
Because we manufacture our own products, our costs are naturally lower than those of other suppliers. Our products are made from virgin food-grade polyethene, which means no chemicals can leach into your fish tank or grow bed to harm your system. The benefits of choosing Poly Water Tanks for your aquaponics requirements include:
  • We deliver our products all over Australia
  • We make and sell 1,500-, 2,000- and 3,000-litre fish tanks
  • We make and sell 2m x 1m grow beds
  • All colours are available

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help with your cost-effective and sustainable aquaponics system.

Our Aquaponics Product Range

Garden Grow Bed


Width: 1000mm

Height: 350mm

Length: 2000mm

1500l Tank


Diameter: 1875mm

Height: 660mm

2000l Tank


Diameter: 2145mm

Height: 660mm

3000l Tank


Diameter: 1830mm

Height: 1140mm

  • Grow your own vegetables and flowers 
  • Ideal as aquaponics grow bed when connected to round fish tank troughs
  • Most colours available

  • Ideal for aquaculture
  • Smooth finish
  • Strong and lightweight (1 person can install)
  • Stackable for transport and storing 
  • Most colours available