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Poly Water Tanks for Emergency Water Storage Solutions

In times of emergencies or natural disasters in Australia, having a reliable and readily available water supply is extremely important. Poly Water Tanks offers an effective solution for emergency water storage, ensuring that you have access to a clean and safe water source when traditional supply systems are disrupted. With our tank’s versatility, durability and the option of underground installation, our storage water tanks are ideal for emergency solutions.

Water Tanks Underground

Many councils require polyethylene water tanks underground if they are to be used for firefighting or bushfire applications. Here at Poly Water Tanks we offer a range of tanks suitable for underground installation. This underground placement provides protection against potential damage from severe weather and ensures the tank isn’t vulnerable to temperature fluctuations in the event of a fire.

Storage Capacity

Poly Water Tanks stock a huge range of sizes for your storage water tanks. Whether you need a smaller tank to ensure you have access to an emergency supply of stored water for your family or you need a large capacity tank to adhere to council bushfire regulations, we have the perfect tank for you. Our unique modular system means, even on a smaller block size, you can have access to large capacities of water for use in an emergency.

Durable Tanks

Our Polyethylene storage water tanks are manufactured with food-grade Polyethylene powder, certified to AS2070. They are resistant to rust, corrosion, chemical degradation and are UV-stabilised. When investing in a water tank for emergency use, shop with a company that guarantees a quality product. Our tanks are manufactured to the highest standards and come with a full 15 year warranty – no pro-rata nonsense here. 

Low Maintenance

Poly Water Tanks’ low maintenance tank options are the perfect solution for your home. Ensure you have an emergency water supply, in the event of a flood or water disruption, without the need for extensive ongoing maintenance. Please note: Storage water tanks should be secured to your property to ensure they are stable in the event of a flood. 

Discuss your home’s needs with one of our experts. Contact us online for trusted advice on the best water tank for emergency situations.

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