Round Rainwater Tanks

Poly Water Tanks manufacturers a large range of high quality round rainwater tanks. We offer a wide size range from small 501 litre through to large 25,000 litre tanks.

Our tanks are:

  • Built to cure properly, no rush job production for a premium-grade finish
  • Made from the best materials, UV-stabilised virgin food-grade polyethylene with no taste or smell (drinking-water compatible)
  • Certified to Australian Standards (AS2070)
  • Small footprint design with no waste, giving the biggest storage capacity for its real estate

Our tanks feature:

  • Dome tops with a clean and stylish aesthetic and self-supporting structure; no poles needed inside the tank
  • Unique smooth wall design with no vertical parting lines; no weak wall pressure points
  • Full brass outlets and fittings; no plastic means a solid state connection
  • Stainless steel screws and strainer mesh
  • Manufactured with a graduated thickness in walls, utilising hoop strength for evenly distributed pressure from the top to bottom

You can also select form a range of 23 colours ensuring that your tank blends into or contrasts with its surroundings.

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