2004 Litre Extra Low Slimline Water Tank

2004 Litre Tank

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Width 700mm
Length 2800mm
Height 1370mm

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The 2004 Litre extra low slimline water tank is a small slimline tank and perfect for those areas where slimline tanks can fit. With a width of 700mm wide, 2800mm long and a height of 1370mm high makes it an extra low slimline tank that will fit just about anywhere especially under windows or as under deck water tanks .When it comes to water storage tanks the 2004 litres water tanks are popular polyethylene water tanks. When it comes to water tank prices this water tank is economical.
Whether you install it on your verandah, next to the garden shed or even outside near the garage so you can wash your car this is the perfect slimline water tanks. The water tank comes with a 400mm mosquito proof strainer and a 90mm overflow and a brass flanged fitting at the bottom.
We have made the 2004 Litre into a slimline rainwater tanks to maximise strength and appealing design. It is made of food grade Polyethylene for water tanks which makes it the ideal storage water tanks. The 2004L slimline tank is a perfect water tank for fresh drinking water, pot plant watering, toilet flushing, emergency water supply and for cleaning your car and barbeque area.
This rainwater tank is small and light weight but is still strong because it is a slimline water tank and it is available in a large range of colours. The 2004 litres slimline water tank is fully Australian made and manufactured and built to the Australian standard so you can have peace of mind that this tank will last.

Features and Benefits

  • Our 2004 litre Low Slimline water tanks come with a 15 year Australian manufactured Guarantee.

Standard Fittings

  • 1″ brass outlet
  • 400mm mosquito proof strainer
  • 90mm Overflow

2004 Litre Extra Low Slimline Water Tank Dimensions:

Width 700mm
Length 2800mm
Height 1370mm


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