Tank Strainers and Dust Covers

Tank Strainers and Dust Covers

300mm Tank Strainer : $25

400mm Tank Strainer : $25

500mm Tank Strainer :$25

400mm Dust Cover :$25

500mm Dust Cover :$35

350mm Screw-on Lid: $120

450mm Screw-on Lid: $150

600mm Screw-on lid: $180



All water tank strainers are made of mosquito proof mesh and can filter small solids from entering your rainwater storage. A strainer is included with all above-ground tanks sold by Poly Water Tanks.

Optional dust covers are placed over the strainers to stop dust and sunlight from entering your stored rain water.

By installing and cleaning your strainer regularly your water tank will have much cleaner water and you will get a longer life from your pump.


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