Questions to ask your water tank supplier

Questions to Ask Your Water Tank Supplier Australia

Water tanks can be a great investment for your home, saving you money on water bills and providing an environmentally sustainable way of flushing the toilet, cleaning clothes and watering your garden. It’s important, however, to ask your tank supplier all the right questions before making a decision. This ensures you get your money’s worth and minimises problems down the line. Over the years, Poly Water Tanks has become synonymous with quality and endurance, providing high-quality water tanks. Contact us today for a water poly tank across NSW, ACT and some areas of VIC and South-East QLD. 

How Long is the Warranty and is it a Full Warranty? 

The first question you want to ask your water tank supplier is the duration of the warranty. A longer warranty gives you peace of mind when purchasing water tanks, knowing that if anything goes wrong you won’t have to pay for an entirely new tank all by yourself. Some suppliers offer a full warranty, meaning the supplier will repair or replace the tank at no cost to the purchaser if something goes wrong. Other suppliers only offer a pro-rata warranty, meaning they will only cover a portion of the original cost dependent on how long you have owned the tank. We offer a 15-year non-reducing warranty on our water tanks. We cover the full value of your tank and do not reduce the amount you can claim for each year the tank has aged.

How Much Buffer Space Do I Need? 

When it comes to installing a plastic water tank, it’s important to be aware of the dimensions that are required for installation. Dimensions indicate the space in which the tank will fit, which involves the use of external measurements. Choosing a tank with the right dimensions ensures that you have available space in your home for the tank. However, some water tanks require buffer space around the tank itself, used for pipes, cords and other components. Clarifying these details with us ensures that the tank you purchase fits in the space you have available on your property. 

Are Your Tanks Certified for Use in Residential Applications?

It’s important to ensure that your water poly tank is certified for use in residential applications. Watermark Certification is the certification scheme in Australia that ensures that the plumbing and drainage material associated with the plastic water tank is safe for use in residential areas. 

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