Residential Water Tank Applications

If you’re looking for a water storage tank for your home, you’re probably trying to meet government requirements, reduce your water bills and/or retain water for household use when water restrictions are in effect. At Poly Water Tanks, we can provide solutions to meet all of these needs! Our mission is to produce strong, superior quality water tanks with free, on-time delivery, so you can be assured that your tank will last.

Our wide range of residential tanks, starting at 500 litres, come in single round cylinders of varying dimensions, slimline models consisting of two or more cylinders, rectangular tanks suitable for positioning under decks and patios and underground tanks for when space is at a premium.

Do you need a tank to meet BASIX requirements? Once you have the storage requirements for your particular situation from your trade professional we can help you find the right tank from our range. Call us on 1800 077 188 to discuss.

Want to fit your tank under a window? Take a look at our Extra-Low Round and Slimline tanks at just 1370mm high

Have a narrow space? How about our Standard Round and Slimline tanks that are only 650mm wide

Need a large capacity tank? We have larger Round tanks with 10,000L or 13,500L storage capacity – and even larger rural-style tanks if you have the space

Do you want your tank to match your guttering and/or roofing? Our tanks come in almost every Colorbond® colour so your choice will always be a stylish one.

Is your above-ground space limited? We have a wide range of Underground tanks from 1,250 litres to 6,000 litres

Wasted space under your deck or patio? Our 1,800 litre and 2,000 litre Rectangular tanks with a maximum height of 825mm can make use of a dead area and save you money at the same time

Do you want your tank for storing drinking water? Our tanks are made from premium quality and include UV stabilised virgin food grade polyethylene which leaves no taste or smell. This is drinking water compatible as certified to Australian Standards (AS2070).

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