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The Benefits of Using Poly Water Tanks in Rural Australian Areas

In rural areas, having a reliable and efficient water storage solution is of utmost importance. Polyethylene water tanks offer a range of benefits that make them an ideal choice for rural residents across Australia. With their durable construction, ample storage capacity, versatility and 15 year warranty from Poly Water Tanks, they provide a dependable solution for meeting water needs in rural areas. In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of using poly water tanks. Whether it’s for agricultural purposes, livestock watering or household use, round water tanks, in our huge range of sizes, offer a practical and efficient way to ensure a steady and sustainable water supply in rural areas.

Drinking Water Compatible

Here at Poly Water Tanks, our tanks, ranging from a 5000lt water tank to a 20000 litre water tank, are specifically designed to meet the water storage needs in rural areas. Our tanks are UV-stabilised, which ensures long-lasting durability even in the harsh Australian weather conditions. Each of our tanks is made with premium quality polyethylene powder, certified as food grade to Australian Standard AS2070. They are drinking water compatible, guaranteeing the safety and quality of the stored water up to 47 degrees. Whether you’re looking for a 5000ltr water tank, or a huge 20000 litre water tank, Poly Water Tanks is your trusted supplier for drinking water compatible water tanks.

Irrigation and Firefighting

Reliable water storage is often a requirement when building or residing in a bushfire zone. Poly Water Tanks’ unique modular system allows you to link tanks together, creating a custom capacity to suit your property’s needs. This is especially useful if, in the event of a fire, firefighters would need access to huge quantities of stored water to protect your property. Your local council may require your water stored in polyethylene tanks to be installed underground for safe firefighting use. We recommend consulting your local council on their recommendations, safe in the knowledge that Poly Water Tanks will have the perfect tank waiting for you. Our underground water tanks offer peace of mind for rural residents, particularly those in fire zones. We’re committed to high quality design and materials to ensure your rural water tank lasts for years to come. Poly Water Tanks also supplies fire-fighting specific hoses and STORZ connections, along with petrol powered pumps specifically designed for fire-fighting purposes.

For rural water tanks of all sizes, including our popular 10000L water tank, contact Poly Water Tanks online.

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