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Understanding BASIX Requirements for Poly Water Tanks in NSW

Established in 2004, the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) ensures that new residential constructions contribute to the reduction of water and energy consumption while enhancing overall comfort for homeowners. Among its various criteria, NSW BASIX mandates specific requirements for water usage, making the installation of water tanks a great idea for your new home.

Here, Poly Water Tanks discusses the BASIX requirements and what this means for your new build.

Water Usage Category

Under the BASIX regulations, the Water Usage category emphasises the reduction of town water consumption in residential properties. To meet these requirements, new homes must incorporate features like dual-flush toilets, water-efficient taps and most notably, alternative sources of water such as harvested rainwater. Poly water tanks play a pivotal role in fulfilling this criteria by providing a reliable means of storing rainwater for various household uses.

Which Size is Right?

Determining the appropriate size water tank involves considering several factors. Firstly, the number of devices connected to the tank influences its capacity requirement. While smaller tanks may suffice for garden irrigation alone, larger tanks become necessary when catering to additional needs like toilet flushing and laundry. Moreover, the size of the dwelling itself correlates with potential water usage, necessitating larger tanks for bigger homes.

Council Requirements

Local council requirements further shape the specifications for tanks. Each council sets rainwater harvesting targets tailored to the unique water usage patterns and environmental considerations of its area. Consequently, the mandated tank size may vary depending on the specific council regulations applicable to the property.

Common tank sizes range from 2,000 to 10,000 litres, offering flexibility to accommodate diverse household needs and spatial constraints. Our slimline water tanks, available in 1,002 Litres to 5,336 Litre capacities and available in over 20 colour combinations, offer space-conscious tank options to homes with limited storage space. It’s crucial to note that BASIX outlines minimum requirements, meaning you can opt for larger tanks if space and rainfall frequency permit. Additional tanks can also be installed to increase water storage capacity beyond the minimum.

Building Your Sustainable Home

Understanding BASIX requirements is essential for navigating the process of building your new home in NSW. By adhering to BASIX requirements and investing in a tank from Poly Water Tanks, homeowners not only contribute to environmental conservation but also reap practical benefits such as reduced reliance on municipal water sources and potential cost savings! 

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