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Water Tanks: How are They Priced and Delivered in AU?

A plastic water tank is an excellent way to store and use rainwater around your home or business and, in Australia, there are many water tank designs to choose from. Water tank prices vary greatly depending on the size, material, as well as installation. Poly Water Tanks specialises in the production of high-quality water tanks for the Australian market. Contact us today for storage water tanks across NSW, ACT and some areas of VIC and South-East QLD.

Production Costs 

One of the main factors that influence water tank prices is the production cost of the water tanks. Water tanks are available in a variety of different materials including steel, concrete and plastic. Steel water tanks tend to be the most expensive, with plastics being amongst the cheapest. The production cost of the water tank also includes labour costs as well as energy costs to produce the tank. At Poly Water Tanks we pride ourselves on our product quality and competitive pricing. Each tank is manufactured to AS/NZS 4766, giving you the confidence you need in our tanks. Because we handle the manufacturing ourselves, our costs are much lower than competitors and, with our huge range of products, we’re bound to have the ideal tank for your space.

Delivery & Installation Costs

Typically, when you order a water tank, the cost of delivery varies depending on the distance between you and the manufacturer and the size of the storage water tanks you order. Large water tanks take up more space on delivery trucks and the further the tank has to travel, the higher the cost. 

The point of difference at Poly Water Tanks is that we include our delivery fee in the tank price, so the price of the tank is the total price you pay. There may be an additional delivery fee, however, for remote areas or sites with difficult access. Our range of utes, trucks and trailers can deliver any size water tank to you. Poly Water Tanks is a small, family-owned business; meaning we get the job done without the red tape. For our customers, this translates into quick production and delivery. Don’t wait 6 weeks for your water tank! Over 80% of our water tanks for sale are delivered within 14 days of the order confirmation.

Please note that Poly Water Tanks does not install the tanks on delivery. You must hire a licenced plumber to install the tank on your property.

Additional Features

Another factor that may influence the cost of your new plastic water tank is the inclusion of additional features. Add-ons such as water filtration systems, pumps as well as other accessories all improve the functionality of your tank. A first-flush filter, for example, prevents impurities from entering the water, thus reducing the frequency of maintenance. Speak to the professionals at Poly Water Tanks, and we’ll help you consider what you need before you buy and provide an accurate quote. 

Maintenance Costs

The cost of maintaining a water tank will depend greatly on the type of tank that is being purchased. Steel water tanks need to be cleaned and painted more often than plastic tanks. With Poly Water Tanks, our recommended maintenance is based on our tanks having a no-split guarantee! Our tanks all come with a 15-year structural warranty and as such, we recommend light cleaning to ensure there are no leaves, build-up or dust gathering.

Poly Water Tanks can deliver direct to your door throughout NSW, ACT, and some areas of Victoria and South East QLD. If you’re interested in storage water tanks but you’re not sure where to start, contact Poly Water Tanks. Contact us online or call us on 1800 077 178. 

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