So why do trades choose Poly Water Tanks for their water tanks?

With a background in the construction industry, our owners know what’s important to you. We also speak your language & work your hours.

We understand that your customers demand quality products and on-time project delivery.

Our team is on-hand to provide additional support and in the highly unlikely event of a warranty or installation issue, we'll work with you to resolve your problem promptly & efficiently.

Poly Water tanks offers:

  • Guaranteed quality and durability
  • A wide range of tanks to suit all sites from large, small, narrow, tall, underground or under deck
  • A wide range of colours including matches for your project’s Colorbond® colour scheme
  • Delivered free* and on time to site

At Poly Water Tanks, our mission is to produce strong, superior quality water tanks with free, on-time delivery, so you can be assured that your tank will be delivered when required and it will go the distance.

Still not convinced as to why trades choose Poly Water Tanks? Give us a call on 1800 077 178 and let our team answer your questions and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

*Free delivery to most of NSW - contact us for further details.

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