A Step Towards Environmental Responsibility in Australia

Owned and operated in Australia, Poly Water Tanks is pioneering ongoing innovation in water storage solutions. Amid growing concerns about water scarcity and environmental conservation, we’re committed to providing you with tanks that meet your needs whilst protecting our planet. 

Addressing the Environmental Crisis Together

The world is grappling with critical environmental issues like water scarcity, pollution and climate change. It’s a time when the actions of individuals and companies are pivotal. We take responsibility for our environmental impact and strive to create a positive change for our shared future. 

Conserve Resources with a Plastic Water Tank

Water tanks play a vital role in environmental responsibility and we’re proud to offer a variety of water tanks for sale. These tanks facilitate rainwater harvesting, a practical solution for water conservation. This rainwater harvesting also reduces your reliance on municipal water supplies. 

Eco-Friendly Practices in Manufacturing

At Poly Water Tanks, we prioritise eco-friendly materials where possible and sustainable manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing process uses polyethylene, which is the best quality and suitable for drinking water. Each plastic water tank is UV-stabilised, odourless and tasteless, and the quality of our products conforms to AS/NZS 4766. 

Promoting Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation

Our products are designed for storing and conserving water. Innovation is key to addressing today’s pressing environmental challenges. Our products are meticulously crafted with a clear purpose: to store and conserve water in the most efficient and eco-friendly manner possible.

Join the Green Revolution: Make a Sustainable ChoiceYou’re taking a meaningful step towards sustainability by choosing Poly Water Tanks for your water storage needs. Embrace your role in environmental responsibility. Contact us online or call 1800 077 178 to discuss or purchase a durable plastic water tank built for the Australian climate.

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