Delivery Information

No need to worry about how to collect your tank, we deliver!

Production and Delivery Process

Once you’ve placed your order and confirmed your required delivery date, your tank will be placed in the queue to be moulded at our factory at Fountaindale. After the moulding process is complete, our Customisation team will fit any overflows and valves as requested by you and it’s ready to be delivered. At this point, our administration staff will schedule your tank for delivery on our fleet of trucks after calling to you confirm the delivery date and approximate time. On the delivery date, our driver will contact you when they are within half an hour of delivering your tank.

Delivery Timeframes

We aim to have most tanks ready for delivery within 1 week of the order being placed, unless the customer hasn’t specified when the tank is to be delivered. As we custom-manufacture each and every tank, delivery timeframes are dependent on…

  • Our current production load
  • Quantity and size of tanks you require
  • How far away from our factory you’re located
  • When we have a truck scheduled to deliver to your area
  • Payment being received for the tank before the scheduled delivery date

Our friendly staff can give you an accurate delivery timeframe at the time of your call but for the areas of Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Blue Mountains and the Central Coast, your tank can be delivered within 2 weeks

What to expect on the Delivery Date

Your tank is ready to be delivered and our driver is on his way!

He will call you (or your nominated contact person) within half an hour of arrival to your property.

Please note: As it is not the responsibility of Poly Water Tanks drivers to lift and place tank into its final installed position, our driver will unload the tank from the truck or trailer and place it beside the truck only. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to lift tank into its final installed position.

Installing your tank

IMPORTANT! Once your tank has been delivered, please refer to our installation instructions to ensure that your tank installation complies with our warranty conditions

Delivery Trucks

Delivery Ute

Delivery Truck