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Discover Popular Round Water Tank Options Australia

Water is the essence of life and conserving it is a collective responsibility. This mission is a priority at Poly Water Tanks, where we are wholeheartedly dedicated to delivering water storage solutions to our customers. With our round tanks, we are not just selling a product but offering a promise of quality, durability and a step towards a better tomorrow. This blog post explores some of our most popular round water tank options and highlights their benefits. 

Quality Assurance with Every Round Water Tank

At Poly Water Tanks, we pride ourselves on delivering products that stand the test of time. Built with meticulous attention to detail, each round water tank is crafted from UV-stabilised, food-grade polyethylene. This ensures no taste or smell in the stored water, making it perfect for drinking. Certified to Australian Standards (AS2070), these tanks are a testament to quality and durability, promising to serve you faithfully for years to come.

Popular Round Water Tank Options

We are thrilled to present various round water tank options for different needs and spaces. Below are three popular choices that are suitable for multiple applications and offer quality and reliability:

1000 Litre Round Water Tank

  • Capacity: 1000 Litres
  • Dimensions: Diameter – 825mm, Height – 2180mm
  • Features: Compact and lightweight, suitable for small spaces, including under low house eaves. Ideal for fresh drinking water, pot plant watering, emergency water supply and cleaning tasks.

13500 Litre Round Water Tank

  • Capacity: 13500 Litres
  • Dimensions: Diameter – 2700mm, Height – 2660mm
  • Features: The 13500L round tank is the perfect large tank for your house, garden or filling the water trough on the farm.

25000 Litre Round Water Tank

  • Capacity: 25000 Litres
  • Dimensions: Diameter – 3620mm, Height – 2760mm
  • Features: This large tank is ideal for various uses, including household use and farm needs like supplying water for livestock or irrigating crops.

Ready to make a sustainable choice for your home or farm? Contact Poly Water Tanks online or call 1800 077 178 and find the perfect round water tank to meet your needs.

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