Slimline Tanks in Australia

Get to Know About Slimline Water Tanks in Australia

If your property has limited space available, fear not! You can still install a water tank for your home. Slimline water tanks are ideal for residential applications where they can be located down the side of a house in areas with little foot traffic. Whilst slimline tanks are thinner than regular water storage tanks, they don’t compromise on water storage and offer a unique water solution where space is an issue. At Poly Water Tanks, our slimline tanks boast various capacities and sizes to suit council requirements and the available space you have in your home. Contact us today for a slimline poly water tank. 

One-Piece Slimline Tanks

One-piece slimline water tanks are created in a single mould with internal supports to prevent bulging in the middle of the tank. This design, however, may result in additional pressure being applied to the outer sections of the tank, particularly at the bottom, and can lead to bulging and potentially splitting at the stress point created. One-piece tanks tend to be cheaper than a modular units as, during the manufacturing process, less powder is required to mould the tanks. A common drawback of one-piece slimline tanks is the limited shapes and sizes available. The manufacturing of these tanks requires specific moulds and, as such, there are fewer variations in dimensions available for each capacity.

Modular Slimline Water Poly Tank 

Modular slimline water tanks from Poly Water Tanks have two or more cylindrical modules joined together at the top and bottom. The cylindrical shape of the modules is structurally sound, thereby reducing the potential of any individual module splitting. Whilst seams are an inherent part of the moulding process, modular slimline tanks have no vertical seams, and any moulded seams tend to be located above the water line. This means that a fault in one of the cylinders can be isolated, and the tank can still be used as needed. Our unique modular system ensures your tank is structurally sound and each tank is backed by our 15-year structural guarantee for your peace of mind.

If you’re looking to purchase a slimline water poly tank, contact Poly Water Tanks online today or call us on 1800 077 178. 

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