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How Long Do Poly Water Tanks Last in Australia?

Made from food-grade, UV-stabilised polyethylene, poly water tanks are incredibly durable, lightweight, easy to install and long-lasting. It may be counterintuitive, but a plastic water tank is often better at withstanding harsh weather conditions in Australia compared to other materials such as galvanised steel. It all comes down to the quality of materials and build.

Based on the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia, Poly Water Tanks specialises in designing, manufacturing and delivering polyethylene water tanks for both residential and commercial use. Below, we look at some key considerations that influence the lifespan of a plastic water tank.


All plastics are prone to degradation when exposed to significant amounts of sunlight, high temperatures, moisture and air pollution. During the hottest months of the year in Australia, a plastic water tank can suffer from molecular degradation without the right UV protection.

This can result in discolouration, cracking, brittleness and failure over time. Adding UV-stabiliser resins to premium quality polyethylene during the manufacturing process of water tanks enables the safe absorption of otherwise harmful UV light. Poly storage water tanks made with quality materials can last 10 to 30 years.


In addition to the materials, the actual construction approach also influences lifespan. Ideally, poly water tanks should be manufactured in one single piece with no seams. This ensures there aren’t any weaker, vulnerable areas that may be prone to impact damage and other environmental stresses.


Where you keep your tank and how it’s used will also influence its lifespan. For example, how level and stable the floor is and its relative position to hills influence the amount of stress the materials are placed under. While UV-stabilised poly water tanks withstand sun exposure, limiting this exposure by positioning your tank out of the sun will extend its lifespan, especially in very sunny and arid areas.

Even the best quality plastics and UV treatments will eventually degrade with decades of intense UV exposure. Installations such as under-deck and below ground water tanks offer space-saving convenience while also limiting exposure to environmental stressors.

Premium Poly Storage Water Tanks in Australia

At Poly Water Tanks, we pride ourselves in delivering cost-effective, premium quality water tanks directly to your door throughout New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and south east Queensland. Explore our range online, request a quote by calling 1800 077 178 or contact us online.

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