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How to Choose the Best Water Tank for Your Home

Water tanks come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours depending on your needs. At Poly Water Tanks, our team designs, manufactures and delivers high quality polyethylene water tanks to homes and businesses throughout most of South-East Australia. In this article we look at the main considerations when choosing the right water tank for you.

Size and Water Storage Capacity

Start by determining how much water you need to store. Will rainwater be your primary source of water or supplement water usage for things like gardening, car washing, laundry and toilet flushing? The average four-person family household in Australia uses approximately 600 litres a day. Poly Water Tanks supply a wide range of water tank sizes, from a small 501 litre round water tank to 6000 litre slimline water tanks and extra large 25 000 litre tanks.


Another key choice is deciding between a stainless steel or plastic water tank. Compared to steel tanks, a well made UV-stabilised, food safe plastic water tank is more cost effective, strong, lightweight and low maintenance as they will not rust or corrode.

Shape and Tank Location

Depending on available space and personal preferences, you can choose from a round water tank, an underground water tank, under deck water tank or slimline water tanks. Round water tanks are common in many Australian homes, particularly in regional areas. Slimline water tanks are popular in urban areas for their sleek, space-saving design. Meanwhile, keeping water tanks underground or below a deck allows for a hidden, space-saving solution that allows for greater storage capacity where space above ground is limited.

Colour Choices

At Poly Water Tanks, we design and manufacture water tanks with a range of Colorbond® colours available to choose from. This makes it easy to match existing paintwork and colour schemes on your home, blend in with natural surroundings or provide a complete contrast to surrounding colours. .

Explore Our Range of Premium Australian Water Tanks

Whether you’re after a classic round water tank or are looking to keep your water tanks underground, the team at Poly Water Tanks can deliver the perfect option to your property in New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory or south east Queensland. Browse our range of water tanks and request a quote by calling 1800 077 178 or contact us online

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