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How to Select the Right Water Tank for Your AU Property

Harnessing rainwater for future use is smart, especially in drought-prone areas in Australia. When you have the proper water tanks, you can use this precious resource for all household purposes, from tending to your garden to flushing the toilet. Join Poly Water Tanks as we guide you in selecting a water tank that fits your property and needs.

Step 1: Understanding Rainfall Patterns in Your Area

Before you venture into the vast selection of water tanks for sale, it’s essential to understand the rainfall patterns in your region. The anticipated rainfall can vary greatly across different areas. A good starting point is to check the Bureau of Meteorology for historical average rainfall data in your area.

Step 2: Calculating Your Rainwater Harvesting Capacity

Next up, it’s time to calculate some numbers to gauge your potential rainwater harvesting capacity. This is determined by your roof area and the average rainfall in your vicinity. As a general guide, for each 1mm of rain that falls on 1m2 of catchment, it will yield 1 litre of water.

Step 3: Estimating Your Water Usage

Choosing the right tank size hinges on accurately estimating your water usage. Factor in the water needs for your garden, laundry and bathroom. The size of your family and the frequency of your water usage are also important factors to consider. A person uses about 250 litres of water per day on average. 

Step 4: Deciding on Your Tank Size

With a clear picture of your rainwater harvesting capacity and usage, you’re well on your way to pinpointing the ideal water tank size. A rule of thumb is to opt for a tank with at least four weeks of water supply to sustain you during dry seasons. 

Explore Our Selection of Water Tanks for Sale

We can help you select the right water tank for your property. Our water tanks are premium quality, reliable and durable at Poly Water Tanks. Contact us online or call us on 1800 077 178 to discuss your tank needs.

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