Innovative Design: The Future of Storage Water Tanks in Australia

At Poly Water Tanks, innovation is our foundation. By choosing polyethylene for our tank lineup, we ensure that each tank exceeds your expectations for durability and flexibility. Our use of polyethylene as the primary material for our plastic tank range offers unparalleled resilience and flexibility, ensuring years of trouble-free use in Australia.

Design Meets Functionality

Our dome and trussed roof designs on our larger round tanks enhance the look of our water tanks for sale and introduce a self-supporting structure. This innovation eliminates the need for internal poles, providing a cleaner, more efficient water storage solution.

No Weak Points in Our Tank Walls

When you choose a plastic water tank, you’re investing in strength and durability. Our unique smooth wall design ensures no vertical parting lines, which means no weak points where pressure can cause damage. All seams are above the water line with no vertical seams at all. It’s about giving you peace of mind that your water storage can withstand the test of time.

Quality Hardware for Longevity

We take the build quality of our water tanks seriously, incorporating full brass outlets and fittings to ensure a solid-state connection. We build our tanks to offer reliability and durability, incorporating stainless steel screws and strainer mesh to safeguard your water supply.

Engineered for Pressure

Our innovative approach extends to the very walls of our tanks. Designed with graduated thickness, they utilise hoop strength to ensure the pressure is evenly distributed from top to bottom. This technical foresight means you can rely on our plastic water tank to maintain its integrity, whatever the water volume.

The Future is Modular

We focus on providing modular water tanks designed for both durability and variety. This design approach ensures that each model maintains high quality and durability standards. By offering a diverse range of dimensions for the same capacity, we ensure that our products can meet different spatial and usage requirements without compromising strength.  

Connect with Us

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