Small water tanks

Our Small Water Tanks

Water tanks can be a great investment for your home as they use rainwater for toilets and appliances as well as the garden, ultimately saving you money on water bills. Using a water tank also comes with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. If you’re wondering whether the space in your backyard is big enough for a water tank, you’re in the right place. Water tank designs have been optimised over the years to create smaller water tanks that don’t compromise the storage capacity. If you’re looking for small water tanks for your home, contact Poly Water Tanks today to speak to our team about our huge range of storage water tanks.

Slimline and Small Water Tanks

An excellent example of small water tanks is a slimline design from Poly Water Tanks. Slimline water tanks are ideal for residential applications where they can be located down the side of a house in infrequently used areas. Whilst slimline water tanks are thinner than regular water storage tanks, they offer a unique water solution where space is an issue but don’t compromise on water storage. This allows you to use unused space in the backyard for effective water storage. Our Slimline water tanks have a small design footprint and range in size from smaller 1002L tanks to much larger 3000L tanks.

Single Cylinder Small Water Tanks

A small plastic water tank typically comes in the form of a single cylinder created in a single mould. We have smaller single-cylinder water tanks from 500-1334L, with the height starting at 1370mm and width 650mm. Our 1000L small water tank is perfect for watering your garden, cleaning the car or BBQ or providing an emergency water supply. The small design fits easily under verandahs and next to garages and carports. If you have limited space available, a single-cylinder water tank could be the solution you need.

2-Cylinder Water Tanks

Small water tanks can also come with multiple cylinders. 2-cylinder water tanks involve the use of two cylindrical modules joined together at the top and bottom. The use of an additional cylinder increases the water storage capacity of the tank without requiring additional height; perfect for those that need extra water, but don’t have the space available to accommodate a taller tank. The Poly Water Tanks range offers a tank 1002L in capacity, perfect for use in narrow spaces around the house.

If you’re looking for a small plastic water tank for your home, look no further than Poly Water Tanks. Contact us online or call us on 1800 077 178 to request a quote.

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