Industrial tanks

Poly Water Tanks for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Poly water tanks are not only suitable for residential use but also offer excellent solutions for commercial and industrial applications. These versatile tanks can be customised to accommodate liquids beyond water, can be tailored to meet your specific needs and come in a vast range of sizes and colours, ensuring that you can find the perfect tank for your requirements. Whether you need a smaller 5000ltr water tank for your commercial space, or a 20000 litre water tank for your industry, Poly Water Tanks has the options for you. Here we’ll explore the advantages of our premium quality water tanks in commercial and industrial settings, highlighting their versatility, customisation options and broad range of sizes and colours to suit your unique requirements.

Custom Options

We understand the unique needs of industrial applications when it comes to storing liquids. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities at our Fountaindale factory allow us to cater to custom requirements, fittings and higher capacities often necessary in industrial contexts. With almost two decades of experience, we prioritise listening to your specific needs and leveraging our expertise to design solutions that precisely match your specifications. Our water tanks can be tailored to store fluids with a Specific Gravity (SG) of up to SG2, providing the flexibility to accommodate various liquids beyond just rainwater. Additionally, we offer larger fittings to support higher rates of liquid inflow and outflow. With Poly Water Tanks, you can trust us to provide reliable and customised water storage solutions for your industrial applications.


If you require large capacity storage, Poly Water Tanks has you covered. We can easily accommodate high-capacity needs by plumbing together multiple larger tanks. This allows for seamless integration and ensures that you have the storage capacity required for your specific application. With our flexible and scalable solution, you can confidently meet your water storage demands in commercial or industrial settings.

Colour Range

We understand the importance of aesthetics and branding. That’s why our water tanks are available in a wide range of over 20 colours. Whether you need a tank that matches the colour scheme of your building or complements your brand identity, we have the perfect solution for you. Our extensive colour options ensure that you can choose a tank that seamlessly blends in with your surroundings or showcases your branding.

You don’t need to compromise on colour, size or storage with a tank from Poly Water Tanks. Contact us online to discuss your unique commercial and industrial needs.

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