Concrete vs Poly

Poly water tanks vs. traditional concrete water tanks: which is the better choice?

When it comes to storing water for domestic, agricultural or industrial purposes, choosing the right type of water tank is crucial. Two popular options that often come up in the decision-making process are poly water tanks and traditional concrete water tanks. While both serve the purpose of water storage, there are distinct advantages to opting for poly water tanks. In this article premium water tank supplier, Poly Water Tanks, explores the benefits of poly water tanks and explains why they’re the superior choice for your water storage needs.


Poly Water Tanks manufactures all tanks with high-quality, odour-free, taste-free polyethylene material to Australian Standard 4766. Unlike concrete tanks, which are susceptible to cracks and corrosion, water poly tanks are resistant to rust, corrosion and chemical degradation, as well as being UV-stabilised. This durability ensures that your water remains safe and free from contaminants. 

Easy Installation

Concrete water tanks over 10,000 litres are often custom-made onsite due to their delicate nature during transportation. Poly water tanks are significantly lighter than traditional concrete tanks, making them easier to transport and install on your property. This greatly reduces your installation time and costs, allowing for a hassle-free setup. Whether you need a water tank for residential or commercial use, the lightweight nature of plastic water tanks from Poly Water Tanks ensures flexibility in positioning and simplifies your maintenance tasks.


Whether you have limited space or need a large tank capacity, Poly Water Tanks has the option for you. Our unique modular system means, even within the smallest of spaces, your water storage capacity can be maximised. Our range of Polyethylene colours also allows you to choose a tank that seamlessly fits into your surroundings.


Opting for a plastic water tank from Poly Water Tanks can result in significant cost savings compared to traditional concrete tanks. Concrete tanks are expensive to manufacture, transport and install on your property when compared to our polyethylene options. Moreover, larger concrete tanks are often constructed on-site as they may be too heavy and difficult to transport, and you’ll be absorbing the cost of this in your final bill! As a family run business who manufacture our own Polyethylene products, we’re set on getting the right price for you. Our tank prices are typically much lower than competitors, and you get the added benefit of our prices being delivery inclusive!

If you’re looking for a large-capacity tank, Poly Water Tanks has the water storage solution for you. To discuss which plastic water tank is right for your property, contact us online today.

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