13000 Gallon Honda-Powered Fire-Ready Package

Key Components:

  • 2 x 6,500 gallon (25,000-litre) Poly Water Tanks
  • Vulcan Honda-Powered 1.5″ petrol fire fighting pump
  • STORZ package
  • 5m suction + 2 x 10m fire hose fire fighting hose kit and hose tail
  • Each tank includes a strainer, 90mm overflow and screen plus 40mm brass outlet
  • FULL 15-year warranty
  • Your choice of colour

Recommended retail price: $8,443

HOT PRICE!!: $7,596*


* Promotional price applicable for delivery to most areas of NSW and ACT. Delivery surcharge may apply to remote sites. Please contact one of our friendly sales staff for confirmation of delivered price.


Prepare for Bushfire Threat with the 13,000 Gallon Honda-Powered Fire-Ready Package!

In the face of an impending bushfire threat, securing your home and loved ones becomes a top priority. Our 13,000 Gallon Honda-Powered Fire-Ready Package isn’t just a collection of equipment; it’s your lifeline to protection and peace of mind. Tailored to meet the unique demands of bushfire defence, this package equips you with the necessary tools to fortify your property and face the wildfire challenge head-on. What sets it apart? An extra 3,000 gallons of water compared to the 10,000-gallon package, all for just a minimal increase in cost.

Key Components:

2 x 6,500 gallon (25,000 litre) Polyethylene Water Tanks by Poly Water Tanks, Australia:

Manufactured by Poly Water Tanks in Australia, these tanks offer an incredible 13,000-gallon combined capacity, ensuring an ample water supply to combat even the most ferocious bushfires. These tanks are built to withstand the harshest conditions, giving you peace of mind when it matters most.

Bianco Vulcan MH15-SHP Petrol Fire Fighting Pump:

Powered by a reliable Honda motor, the dependable Bianco Vulcan MH15-SHP petrol fire fighting pump guarantees a robust flow of water during bushfire emergencies. Its self-priming capability and high-performance design make it your steadfast partner in the fight against flames.

STORZ Package:

The STORZ package ensures a secure and efficient water transfer system, designed to withstand high-pressure scenarios. When bushfires threaten, this package becomes your lifeline, connecting hoses and equipment with utmost reliability.

Fire Fighting Hose Kit and Hose Tail:

The included fire fighting hose kit, along with the hose tail, simplifies water distribution to crucial areas. This kit is your frontline defence, ensuring a swift and efficient response to encroaching bushfires.

Comprehensive Bushfire Defense:

In the face of a bushfire threat, the 13,000 Gallon Honda-Powered Fire-Ready Package offers comprehensive protection. The polyethylene tanks, the high-performance pump, and the efficient hose system together create an integrated and powerful fire-fighting solution.

Invest in Peace of Mind:

Your safety and that of your loved ones are paramount. By investing in the 13,000 Gallon Honda-Powered Fire-Ready Package, you’re not merely buying equipment; you’re securing peace of mind. Be proactive and prepared for the unpredictability of bushfires, ensuring you have the tools to defend your home.

As the bushfire threat looms, make a decision that can safeguard your family and property. Embrace the 13,000 Gallon Honda-Powered Fire-Ready Package as your lifeline in the face of a bushfire emergency. Arm yourself with the tools needed to protect what matters most. With an additional 3,000 gallons of water capacity at such a small price difference, it’s the smart choice for enhanced safety and peace of mind.