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Things to Consider When Buying a Water Tank in Australia

Shopping around for water tanks? There’s a lot to keep in mind, from materials to delivery and warranty. Based in Fountaindale on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Poly Water Tanks designs and manufactures high-quality polyethylene water tanks for residential and commercial use across Australia. Here, we outline some of our tips when in the market for water tanks.


What your water tank is made of is an essential consideration. There are typically two options to choose from: a steel or plastic water tank. A premium plastic water tank, like those manufactured by Poly Water Tanks, are made using UV-stabilised, food grade polyethylene. This allows for a water poly tank that is extremely strong while being affordable, lightweight, low maintenance and free of issues like rust and corrosion.


Water tanks prices can vary significantly depending on the size, shape and materials of the tank. At Poly Water Tanks, we completely manufacture our own products start to finish, allowing us to minimise water tanks prices where possible. We provide personalised quotes depending on delivery location.


Most of us don’t have a vehicle big enough to load a tank on the back so ideally you want to find a supplier with their own fleet of trucks, Utes, vans and trailers to bring your new water tank to your door. At Poly Water Tanks, we include the cost of a water tank delivery in the pricing of our tanks. In areas outside New South Wales, additional costs can apply though we aim to minimise this by sharing deliveries to different areas.


Personalised service can be as important as quality workmanship when it comes to finding a water tank manufacturer you can rely on. This includes a design process that considers your individual needs, including a variety of shapes and sizes, colour options and installations for modern homes in both urban and rural environments.


Poly Water Tanks offer a 15-year non-reducing warranty on all of our water tanks. This means we cover the full value of your water tank without reducing the amount you can claim each year your water tank ages. It’s a reflection of our belief in our quality workmanship. In almost 20 years of manufacturing water tanks, we’ve never had a tank split.

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From a classic round water tank to stylish slimline water tanks, the team at Poly Water Tanks can deliver the ideal water storage solution to your property in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria or south east Queensland. Browse our range of water tanks and request a quote by calling 1800 077 178 or get in touch online

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