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Understanding Different Water Tank Sizes in Australia

Water tanks save money and allow you to use rainwater to flush your toilet, wash your clothes and water the garden. In short, water tanks allow you to sustainably use water for your home and are an excellent investment for your property. Before buying a water tank, however, it’s important to understand the sizing and dimensions of water tanks so that your new purchase is well-tailored to your home. Whether you’re after 10000L water tanks or a couple of small water tanks, Poly Water Tanks has a range of products that can cater to your needs. Contact us today for delivery across NSW, ACT and some areas of VIC and South-East QLD.

Water Tank Capacity

Before choosing a water tank, it’s important to first determine the capacity you need. The capacity of a water tank is based on the internal dimensions of the tank. If you live on a property that requires large volumes of water, it may be necessary to purchase a 20000 litre water tank. However, if you live in a home or on a smaller property, then a 5000 ltr water tank will typically suffice. If you’re unsure of the right capacity you need for your home, contact us to speak to a member of our friendly team. In conjunction with any relevant local council’s requirements , we can get the solution you need.

Water Tank Dimensions

The second thing to consider when buying a water tank are the dimensions of the tank. Dimensions indicate the space in which the tank will fit, which involves the use of external measurements, and the minimum 100mm boundary around the tank. Our tanks are available in a range of sizes, and some can fit under a windowsill and others are tall with a smaller footprint. Contact us for help choosing a tank with the right dimensions. We’ll work with you to ensure that the tank will occupy the space that you have available in your home or garden. 

Joining Water Tanks Together

It’s possible to join tanks of the same height for added water storage. If you combine two tanks of different heights, however, the tanks will only fill to the highest level of the lowest-height water tank, thus wasting the potential extra capacity in the taller tank. As a result, it’s best to only combine tanks of the same height. Speak to our team to discuss in more detail installing tanks that are to be joined together. 

Why Buy a Water Tank from Poly Water Tanks?

At Poly Water Tanks, we have a strong and established reputation across Australia for producing high quality water tanks for commercial and residential use. Whether you’re after a 5000 ltr water tank or a 20000 litre water tank, we’ve got you covered. 

If you’re looking to install a water tank on your property or business, Contact us online today or call us on 1800 077 178 to request a quote.

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