Water tank types

Understanding the Different Types of Water Tanks in Australia

Poly Water Tanks specialises in designing, manufacturing and delivering premium quality food-grade, UV-stabilised polyethylene water tanks for residential and commercial use. We provide tanks in a range of shapes and sizes, delivered to most of Australia. Below we detail the key features and storage capacity of each type of water tank we offer.

Round Water Tank

A round water tank is one of the most common rainwater storage options, with sizes from 501 litre tanks to 5000 litre tanks all the way through to large 25 000 litre tanks. It’s common to see a round water tank on rural properties, where they play an important role in supplementing water supply, reducing the load on water mains and helping farmers combat drought. Larger, round water tanks allow for huge cost savings in water usage, making them ideal for any property with the space.

At Poly Water Tanks, our round water tanks feature a clean and stylish aesthetic with a dome top and self-supporting structure free of poles inside the tank. Our smooth wall tanks have no vertical parting lines ensuring there are no weak wall pressure points while full brass outlets and fittings allow for a solid state connection. Our larger round tanks get their strength from the SMART (Splayed Multi-Angled Reinforced Truss) Top – designed specifically to remove the need for poles in a larger capacity tank.

Slimline Water Tanks

Slimline water tanks are ideal for where you have limited space, making them a popular option for urban areas with smaller backyards and available outdoor space. Many people also prefer them for aesthetic reasons. While storage capacity doesn’t quite reach the levels of the largest round water tank, the largest slimline tanks still boast an impressive 5336 litre capacity. If you need more, you can simply link up multiple tanks side by side.

Keeping Water Tanks Underground

Storing water tanks underground or below a deck is fantastic when you’re looking for an approach that allows for greater storage capacity where space above ground is limited. Underground water tanks are also popular when you prefer not to have a water tank visible on the property for aesthetic reasons. Our pre-configured underground water tank range offers storage capacities from 1250 litres up to 6000 litres and even greater volume can be obtained by linking multiple units together.

Browse Our Range of Quality Australian Water Tanks

Whether you’re after a round, slimline or underground water tank, you can rely on the team at Poly Water Tanks for premium quality builds delivered across New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Victoria. Request a quote today by calling us on 1800 077 178 or get in touch online

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