Slimline water Tanks in Australia

Water Tank Maintenance Checklist: A Seasonal Guide for Australia

When Spring blossoms in Australia, it’s the perfect time to give your Poly Water Tanks a fresh start. Begin with a visual inspection of your water tank for any signs of wear or damage that winter may have brought.

To get your Poly Water Tanks ready for the upcoming rainy months, focus on maintaining the exterior and ensuring all components are in optimal condition. Use mild, eco-friendly detergents to clean the exterior surfaces, setting a fresh tone for the season. It’s also crucial to inspect the inlet filters and overflow screens, ensuring they are debris-free. This will guarantee that your tank is prepared to collect and store water efficiently during the rainy season.

Summer Maintenance

Conduct essential checks on your poly water tanks in Summer. Start with a simple sediment check using a scoop attached to a pole. This will help you determine if there’s any buildup that needs attention. Keep the strainer clear of leaves and debris and install a first flush filter. These can greatly reduce sediment accumulation, limiting the need for a full tank cleanout to once every 4-5 years.

Inspect the tank for signs of wear and tear and check the fittings, valves and seals for tightness and functionality. Additionally, ensure proper ventilation to prevent overheating and bacterial growth. Regular summer maintenance ensures efficient water storage and prolongs the lifespan of your poly water tanks.

Autumn Awareness: Preparing your Plastic Water Tanks

Autumn is the season to prepare your tanks for cooler temperatures. It’s a great time to thoroughly clean gutters and downpipes that feed into your plastic water tanks, removing leaves and debris to prevent blockages and reduce sediment buildup. Check the tank’s base for signs of settling or erosion affecting stability. This is also an ideal time to ensure all fittings and fixtures are tight and secure before winter sets in.

Winter Watch: Inspecting and Insulating

Inspecting your poly water tank is a good practice to get into as Winter brings colder temperatures. Our tanks are designed to withstand harsh conditions, so cracks or leaks are unlikely. By inspecting your tanks regularly in Winter, you can help catch issues before they become significant. 

Tank owners in areas prone to frost should consider insulating pipes and taps to prevent freezing. You should also check the tank level and make sure it’s not too full, as water expands when it freezes, which could lead to damage.

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