What you need to know about pumps

Everything You Need to Know About Pumps for Water Tanks

Pumps are an excellent addition to water tanks for your commercial or residential property. Pumps essentially increase the water pressure coming from the tank so that your property can be adequately supplied with water. There are two main types of pumps for water tanks. Surface mounted pumps are positioned beside the tank, above ground. With surface mounted pumps, a pump cover is usually required to protect the pump from the elements. Submersible pumps, on the other hand, are positioned inside the tank, submersed in water, as the name suggests. These pumps are ideal for underground and under-deck installations and tend to be much quieter than surface mounted pumps. If you’re looking for pumps for water tanks, look no further than Poly Water Tanks.

Residential Applications

There are several applications for pumps for storage water tanks in residential settings. Firstly, pumps have a “maximum taps” rating indicating how many taps the pump would be expected to service at any one time. This is useful for homeowners as it provides insight into how many toilet systems or appliances can be connected to your tank. In addition, pumps contain a “Head” rating, which is an indication of water pressure and provides insight into how far a single spout of water will travel horizontally. The higher the measurement, the higher the pressure. This is important, particularly when choosing a pump for a multi-storey house.

Rural Applications

In addition to their residential applications, pumps for water tanks also have several key applications in rural settings. Firstly, pumps for water tanks can be incorporated into sophisticated irrigation systems to provide irrigation for farms and agriculture. In addition, the high-quality water tanks from Poly Water Tanks can be used to create a reliable store of water for firefighting purposes, with the pumps aiding firefighters in retrieving the water from the water tanks.

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