All our water tank pumps are Italian engineered and are guaranteed for 2 years by White International, an Australian company. Our range of submersible and surface mounted rainwater pumps can service:

  • family homes
  • granny flats
  • rural farm houses
  • sheds
  • garden irrigation
  • farm irrigation
  • commercial business
  • firefighting
  • aquaponics systems

Choosing the right pump can be a little complicated, but the staff at Poly Water Tanks will guide you through the process so that you choose the correct pump for your situation. Whether you’re using your stored water for drinking water, as a primary water source or primarily gardens the choice of water tank pump will differ. Also, depending on the tank you’ve chosen or the flow rate required, you might want to use a submersible water tank pump. For more complex uses such as farm irrigation, our staff will determine the right pump for your needs and place a special order and deliver it with your tank.

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