Vulcan 1.5inch Petrol Fire Fighting Pump

Key Features:

  • Honda GX160 petrol engine
  • Head: 74.5m
  • Flow: 390 L/min
  • 1.5″ suction and outlet for optimum performance
  • Suitable for fire-fighting, water transfer, tank filling and crop spraying and irrigation


Introducing the VULCAN MH15-SHP 1.5” Petrol Fire Fighting Pump GX160

The VULCAN MH15-SHP is an exceptional petrol-powered pump featuring a robust Honda GX160 engine, equipped with a 1.5” suction and outlet. With its compact size, portability, and powerful self-priming capabilities, this pump is a versatile workhorse that excels in a variety of applications. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, the MH15-SHP is a trusted choice for domestic fire fighting, water transfer, high-pressure washdown, and other household and farm tasks.

Key Features:

Reliable Honda GX Engine:
Powered by the renowned Honda GX160 engine, the MH15-SHP pump is designed to thrive in demanding environments. The proven reliability of the Honda motor ensures consistent performance and longevity.

Single Impeller & Self-Priming:
Operating the MH15-SHP is a breeze, thanks to its single impeller and self-priming design. This feature simplifies pump operation while ensuring safety, making it accessible for users of varying experience levels.

High-Performance Pump:
With a 1.5” suction and outlet, the MH15-SHP is engineered for optimal performance. Its high-flow design facilitates efficient water transfer and pressure capabilities, enabling you to tackle tasks with ease.

Manufactured in Australia:
Crafted with precision using high-quality components, the VULCAN MH15-SHP pump is proudly manufactured in Australia. This commitment to quality ensures the pump’s durability and reliability, even in challenging conditions.

Versatile Outlet Options:
The MH15-SHP comes equipped with a range of outlet options, including a single 1.5” inlet, two 1” outlets, and one 1.5” outlet. This versatility makes it adaptable to various applications, from fire-fighting and water transfer to tank filling, crop spraying, and irrigation.

– Engine: Honda GX160
– Starting System: Recoil
– Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.1 L
– Suction Size: 1.5”
– Discharge Size: 2 x 1” & 1 x 1.5”
– Max. Head: 74.5m
– Max. Flow Rate: 390 L/min
– Fuel Type: Unleaded Petrol
– Dimensions (W x L x H): 410 x 510 x 425 mm
– Dry Weight: 24 kg
– Self Priming: Yes

The VULCAN MH15-SHP pump is engineered to deliver outstanding performance and reliability across a range of applications. From firefighting emergencies to routine water transfer tasks, this pump is your trusted partner in getting the job done efficiently and effectively.

Choose the VULCAN MH15-SHP for a pump that combines the power of the Honda GX engine, user-friendly design, and Australian manufacturing excellence. Experience peace of mind, knowing you have a dependable tool for various water-related tasks at your disposal.