1500 Litre Underground “Nugget” water tank

  • Diameter 1260mm
  • Height 1370mm


Poly Water Tank’s 1500 litre underground “Nugget” water tank is a discrete solution for your rain water storage needs where outside space is at a premium or you don’t want to see tanks around the home. With 1500 litres of storage space and only 1.26 metres in diameter, the 1500 litre underground “Nugget” can provide a cost effective and long lasting solution.

The 1500 litre underground “Nugget” tank is perfect for backyard or under-driveway installation where it can be hidden away from sight. An inspection plate used for maintenance access is the only above-ground evidence of the tank. For under-driveway installations, an additional 300mm adjustable riser will be required to obtain sufficient height to protrude through the concrete.

So that water can be pumped from the tanks to the required outlets on site, a submersible tank is recommended. We suggest and supply Claytech submersible pumps coupled with an Aquasaver change-over switch.


  • Diameter 1260mm
  • Height 1370mm

Standard Fittings:

  • 100mm PVC inlet.
  • 100mm PVC overflow.
  • 25mm poly pump outlet.
  • 20mm PVC electrical grommet.
  • 300mm inspection plate.