3000 Litre Underground Round water tank

  • Diameter 1960mm
  • Height 1400mm


If you have a bigger family or have a property that accommodates a big number of people then you need underground water tanks that will supply enough water. The Poly Water Tanks 3000 Litre Underground Round water tank is all you need.

What makes this under ground tank storage different from the rest in the market is the super strong construction. But other than that, it is a low profile tank which means there is minimum excavation. It is a safe underground water tank as it comes with a child-proof, screwed-down pedestrian lid.

A 300mm adjustable riser is what you need to fit on the tank if you intend to install it under a concrete driveway or a sloping site. But before buying this underground rainwater tank, make sure it will fit in your space.

With underground water tanks always use a submersible pump. We recommend Claytech submersible pumps with an Aquasaver change-over switch.

  • Diameter 1960mm
  • Height 1400mm

Standard Fittings:

  • 100mm PVC inlet
  • 100 PVC overflow
  • 25mm poly pump outlet
  • 20mm PVC electrical grommet
  • 300mm inspection plate