Fire Fighting Hose Kit

Key Components:

  • 1 x 5m x 1.5inch PVC suction hose with nut & tail, hose strainer, wormdrive clamps
  • 2 x 10m x 0.75inch PVC fire hose nut & tail, nozzle and wormdrive clamps.


Fire Pump Hose Kit – Your Reliable Firefighting Companion

When it comes to fire emergencies, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Our Fire Pump Hose Kit is your trusted companion in the battle against flames. With a focus on durability, ease of use, and performance, this kit ensures you’re well-prepared to tackle fires effectively.

Key Features:

Durable Polypropylene Strainer:
The heart of the kit, the polypropylene strainer, is designed to withstand tough conditions. It efficiently filters out debris, ensuring a steady flow of water to your firefighting equipment.

Versatile Suction and Delivery Hoses:
This kit includes hoses suitable for a pump with a 38mm (1-1/2″) BSP suction inlet and 1″ BSP outlet. The 5-meter 1-1/2″ grey PVC suction hose ensures you can draw water efficiently. Meanwhile, the two 10-meter 3/4″ PVC fire hoses are of quality Australian make (AS/NZ 1221), guaranteeing reliability when you need it most.

Powerful Firefighting Nozzle:
The 1″ Powerjet firefighting nozzle boasts a flow rate of 105 L/min at 90 Psi. It offers precision and control, allowing you to direct water precisely where it’s needed to combat fires effectively.

Comprehensive Kit Components:

Suction Kit:
– 5 meters of 1-1/2″ grey PVC suction hose
– 1 x 1-1/2″ female nut & tail
– 1 x 1-1/2″ polypropylene hose strainer
– 2 x stainless steel wormdrive clamps
– Assembly of the above components

Delivery Kit:
– 2 x 10 meters of 3/4″ PVC fire hose (Quality Australian Made Hose – AS/NZ 1221)
– 1″ female nut & tails
– 1″ Powerjet firefighting nozzle
– 2 x stainless steel wormdrive clamps
– Assembly of the above components

Your Partner in Readiness:
The Fire Pump Hose Kit is not just equipment; it’s your partner in readiness. This kit ensures you’re equipped with the right tools to face fire emergencies with confidence.

Built to Last:
Crafted with quality materials and designed for durability, this kit is built to withstand the rigours of firefighting scenarios. It’s your assurance of reliable performance when it matters most.

Invest in Safety:
Fire emergencies can happen unexpectedly. Don’t compromise on safety. Invest in the Fire Pump Hose Kit and ensure you’re ready to protect your property and loved ones.

When fires threaten, equip yourself with the Fire Pump Hose Kit – your reliable firefighting companion. Purchase yours today and take the first step towards enhanced fire readiness.